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Scaffolding Divisions

TONE Scaffolding Services has highly qualified personnel working in six scaffolding divisions across a range of scaffolding requirements for different sectors.

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AIR Division

TONE Scaffolding’s Air Division is highly qualified to work in airport environments. All of the staff are airside pass holders and many hold airside-driving passes.

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TONE Scaffolding’s Industrial Division engage in close supervision along with up to date training in areas such as Water Safety, Water Hygiene, Confident Person Training and Rescue Procedures to ensure that the Industrial division are perfectly equipped to deal with the restraints of working in industrial environments.

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The TONE Major Projects Division is specifically tailored to large-scale and/ or specialist complex scaffolding solutions. The workforce in the Major Projects Division are highly qualified and receive thorough training in a vast variety of areas, and therefore have the skill to carry out major projects that competitors would find hard to facilitate.

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RAIL Division

The TONE Scaffolding Rail Division has directly employed operatives who have rail specific training, including Personal Track Safety for over ground jobs and LUCAS training for Underground jobs, ensuring the highest quality and safest work is carried out.

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TOWN Division

TONE Scaffolding’s Town Division provides Access, Protection and Support services, specialising on inner city commercial and residential construction sites, to a range of clients, from the smallest builder to the largest blue chip companies.

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Confined Space Rescue Teams

TONE Confined Space Rescue recognises that the safety of your personnel is critical. Hiring one of our Technical Rescue Teams not only ensures that you are in compliance with the law, but it also shows that you value the safety of your employees. Our rescue teams constantly practise technical rescue scenarios in confined spaces, enclosed spaces and at heights.

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