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Carbon Reduction Policy

Low carbon, high standards

TONE is committed to a sustainable business by managing the design, construction, maintenance and operational activities to reduce negative environmental and social impacts as far as possible. To achieve this we aim to:

  • Use only necessary resources, as efficiently as possible.
  • Source our timber from managed forests that are operated under schemes such as The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Pan European Forest Certification (PEFC).
  • Reduce waste by reusing and/or recycling all scaffold tubes, fittings, boards and PPE.
  • Adhere to all environmental legislative practices and regulations.
  • Provide regular communication and training to staff to ensure our environmental policy is fully understood and adhered to.
  • Consider wildlife and habitats that may be affected by our work by doing our utmost to avoid disturbing nesting birds, bats and damaging vegetation.
  • Reduce noise pollution by using hand wrenches instead of impact drills where possible.
  • Reduce vehicle emissions by driving efficiently, carrying out multi drops, planning routes to reduce mileage and avoid heavy traffic, running an eco-efficient fleet and following a programme of preventative maintenance.

We are also working towards our Carbon Net Zero goals, ensuring our operations are as efficient as possible.   To do this we:

  • Calculate our carbon footprint per year.
  • Plan to reduce emissions in the future with a goal to achieving Net Zero direct emissions by 2050.

TONE’s business carbon assessment is based on data categorised into three scopes, as defined by The Greenhouse Protocol and include:

Scope 1 – company vehicle fuel use and fugitive emissions

Scope 2 – purchased electricity

Scope 3 – water, waste disposal to landfill, transmission & distribution losses (electricity) and business travel

Becoming Net Zero is the goal TONE aspire to.  It refers to balancing the amount of emitted GHG emissions with the equivalent emissions through offsets, however, this should primarily be achieved through a reduction in the amount of GHG emissions produced.  Offsets are required when the GHG emissions cannot be reduced any further, and once our carbon emissions have been calculated, our target is that our annual emissions will be offset through certified carbon offsetting projects by 2030.

Carbon Reduction Plan
Once our measurements, and tonnes of CO²e offset have been accurately analysed and verified by a certified body, and Carbon Neutral certification is complete, we will then set a Carbon Reduction Plan (CRP) to reduce our future emissions.  With our carbon footprint accurately measured, the CRP will set emissions reduction targets to achieve net zero emissions based on the largest emissions sources.

By accurately measuring, offsetting and committing to annually reduce emissions, TONE plan to be Carbon Neutral by 2050 without offsetting, in alignment with both Science Based Targets and UK Government Requirements for Carbon Reduction Planning.

Andy Needham
Managing Director
June 2024

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