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Confined Space Rescue Teams

TONE Confined Space Rescue recognises that the safety of your personnel is critical. Hiring one of our Technical Rescue Teams not only ensures that you are in compliance with the law, but it also shows that you value the safety of your employees. Our rescue teams constantly practise technical rescue scenarios in confined spaces, enclosed spaces and at height.

Confined Space Rescue Team

Highly Trained Rescue Teams

Depending on your specific needs, one of our Confined Space Rescue Teams, consisting of multi-skilled team members will provide a risk assessment and method statement, first aid risk assessment, safe system of work, entry permits and rescue plan.

They will establish, inspect the workspace promptly before any work begins. Provide all relevant personnel with a task specific safety briefing. Check all equipment is suitable and in safe working order. Provide fall restraint systems if required. Monitor and supervise all personnel entering and exiting the work space. Monitor the atmosphere of the confined space and advise if additional precautions should be taken or if works should be re-evaluated.

Certification & Safety

All our operatives hold all relevant certification for Rescue – High Risk Confined Space Level 3 C&G, Emergency Rescue & Recovery Level 3 C&G, Control Entry & Arrangements for Confined Space Level 3 C&G, Supervising Teams Undertaking Work in Confined Spaces Level 3 C&G, Direct Emergency Rescue & Recovery of Casualties from Confined Spaces Level3 C&G, Full Face Fit Certs for Full BA Apparatus and HSE First Aid at Work Certificates.

You’re in good hands

TONE Scaffolding Services have carried out work in confined spaces for over 20 years at different sites across the UK for a wide range of industries, including:
the water industry
the chemical and fuel industry
the rail and underground network
the power industry
the pharmaceutical industry
the aviation industry
and many more.


A Safe Rescue

Should the need for our team to perform a rescue arise, the rescue plan will be executed and a safe rescue will be performed. A typical rescue team will consist of three team members. One team member will supervise, with the remaining two team members stood by ready to effect rescue should the need arise.
However, in some circumstances a larger rescue team may be required.

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