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The TONE Scaffolding Major Projects Division is specifically tailored to large-scale and / or specialist complex scaffolding solutions.

The workforce in the Major Projects Division are highly qualified and receive thorough training in a vast variety of areas, and therefore have the skill to carry out major projects that competitors would find hard to facilitate. The Major Projects Division works closely with the TONE Scaffolding in-house design and engineering team to provide clients with bespoke, detailed and risk-assessed design drawings in 2D and/ or 3D dimensions. Thriving on challenging projects, the Major Projects Division are passionate about coming up with the best concepts for the job. Client relationships are extremely important to the division, who are honest, open and professional. Like all of the divisions at TONE Scaffolding the Major Projects Division is available 24 hours a day for emergency call outs and night work.

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TONE Scaffolding Special Projects Division is available 24 Hours for emergency call outs at any location.

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