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The TONE Scaffolding Industrial Division engage in close supervision along with up to date training in areas such as Water Safety, Water Hygiene, Confident Person Training and Rescue Procedures to ensure that the Industrial division are perfectly equipped to deal with the restraints of working in industrial environments.

The TONE Scaffolding Industrial Division has long-standing relationships with many clients and receives a lot of repeat business, due to the honest, friendly and open approach of both management and staff. With directly employed operatives in various locations in the country and frequent site visits from Senior Management, the Industrial Division is able to meet all client needs. The TONE Scaffolding Industrial Division is available 24 hours for emergency call outs and using the In-House Design team they are also able to provide designs in very short time spans in such situations.

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TONE Scaffolding Industrial Division is available 24 Hours for emergency call outs at any location.

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